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Why sex dolls in the UK are becoming more popular

At My Love Doll we know the days of 'blow up betty' are gone...

These days blow up dolls get taken out on the town for stag and hen parties for a laugh. But the more serious side to this is that the reason they were invented, has not disappeared. As technology moves on so does the demand for something more realistic to enhance our experiences and enjoyment of life. Something more than air filled plastic.

Thankfully the huge demand for something better than the blow up doll has given rise to what can only be described as a work of art. Silicone and TPE dolls now have internal skeletons with joints that move just like a real person and internal heating systems, that warms the skin to 37 degrees (just like a real person). What's more the internal cavities are heated to the same temperature so love making is a more sensual and realistic experience.

People want more than just sex...

Silicone and TPE dolls are not just a sex toy. Many of our customers enjoy non-sexual activities with their dolls such as someone to sleep next to, dressing them up in different outfits or changing their hairstyle and make-up. We have discovered that our customers get a feeling of companionship without the complications of a relationship. If you think that sounds weird, then just think about how humans bond with inanimate objects all the time. Would you think it odd if someone told you they loved a certain car, or that a house made them feel at ease? The main reason a doll companion sounds "weird" is because it doesn't conform to most people's concept of the normal relationship model.

We live in a world where we can choose...

In our world of access to information and inspiration through the internet, staying connected through social media, and the ability to select exactly what we want, when we want it through online shopping, we have never had more opportunity to choose what our heart desires.

If we can choose what TV programmes we watch on demand, or not to answer the phone because we can see who is calling, then we should be able to choose who we spend our time with, and what kind of relationship we'd like to have. Sex dolls, or companions, offer just that.

Don't be shy. Everyone has different preferences for a companion. Some people like large breasts, some people like small breasts. Some like dark skin or hair, some light. Some want rigid feet that can help the doll stand, and some want soft feet that they can worship. In the UK right now we are free to choose no matter what your preferences.

The human race is more open and accepting of people for who they are...

Whether you are a private person or someone who likes to share their life with others, you would probably like to know we as a society are becoming more comfortable in our own skin. We are confident to choose exactly what we like and what makes us happy. This is why sex dolls are becoming more popular in the UK. People like you are comfortable in choosing to have a silicone companion instead of, or in addition to, a human relationship. Whether you choose to share it or not is up to you, but having this option allows you to be true to who you are.

At mylovedoll.co.uk we believe that whatever you are looking for you can have. The choices you make about your sex doll are important and we understand that it is the fine detail that creates happiness. So ask anything you like, we are here to help. We want you to be comfortable, content and 100% happy in yourself and in your choices.

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