Mark is our only male sex doll. 


He is 160cm tall (5ft 3") weighs 33kg and has a 20cm penis (7.9in)

He has anal and oral passages for penatration and has an internal metal skeleton with movable joints and standing feet.


The TPE Silicone skin feels very soft and realistic which is great for cuddling up next to or stradling for a realist experience.


Cleaning and care:

TPE is an extremley easy product to keep clean, we supply a douche shower attachment and manual douche pump with our dolls to make cleaning of the anus and mouth easy and thorough. We reccomend using an antibacterial soap or shower gel before rinsing with water. The entire body of the doll can be washed with soap and water before drying with a soft towel. Once dry you should rub talc into the doll's skin to prevent it from becoming 'tacky' to the touch and resore the smooth sensuous feel of the skin.


Use of lubricants:

To make your experience more pleasurable we reccomend the use of water based lubricants, we reccomend and sell "Liquid Silk" as our prefered product.

PLEASE NOTE: only use water based lubricants.

Mark 5ft 3in

  • From the day you make your purchase to the day you recieve your doll is usually 3 weeks but can be as long as 5weeks (this however is rare).


    Your order is proccessed automatically and is built to order, this takes around 3-4 working days due to the high specifications of our dolls.


    Your order is then shipped to UK customs where we pay the import fees and take delivery, this takes on average 2 weeks but can be as long as 4 weeks during busy periods in Customs.


    Once we recieve your order we inspect it to ensure everything is ok and then we will contact you to arrange a delivery date that suits you.



    February holiday- Our manufacturers usually close for a large proportion of February so please contact us prior to making an order within February so we can advise you of the exact holiday dates.

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